SURPLUS, a collaboration of Magdalena Ptasznik and Marina Colomina.

With SURPLUS we are trying to activate perceptions, transfer to the b o d y the
e x p e r i e n c e of observing, give visibility to o t h e r w a y s of experience seeing by opening up the threshold of potentialities around our relation. We act within an observation setting that reshapes the experience of the body as a subject object in a recurrent r e c o n f i g u r a t i o n.

With SURPLUS we observe ourselves through the r e l a t i o n s that we establish. The work springs around sensitizing the body of the performers and spectators in order to mobilize the relation of oneself with the other in an event that makes visible its process, m u l t i p l e focuses and its construction.


(Pictures by Alessia Bombaci)


SURPLUS has been suported by Antic Teatre/Adriantic (Barcelona), workspacebrussels, Center in Motion Choreographer’s Workspace, Wawer District de Varsòvia, the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Azala Espacio in collaboration with Tragantdansa Espai.

The first version of the piece was shown at Antic Teatre of Barcelona the 8th and the 9th of October of 2014, later was shown on the 12th of October in Center in Motion Choreographer’s Workspace in Warsaw, and it was shown in its final version at Theater Institute in Warsaw the 23rd of January and in Centrum Kultury, Lublin the 29th of January of 2015, and the 1rst of Febreuary at Antic Teatre Barcelona.


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(Pictures by Alessia Bombaci)


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