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Pienso casa, digo silla. Los Detectives

Grec Festival Barcelona.

From the 4th of July to the 7th of July of 2019 at Antic Teatre. Get your ticket here.


A co-production of 2019 Grec Festival of Barcelona and Antic Teatre

With the support of La Caldera Les Corts, Antic Teatre – Espai de Creació, Graner, Festival SÂLMON< 2019.

Los Detectives is a residence company in Barcelona formed by María García Vera, Marina Colomina, Laia Cabrera and Mariona Naudin (with the collaboration of Sofia Asencio).

Los Detectives have been residence artists at el Graner during 2016 and currently in La Caldera.


Ante desde entre hacia sobre durante versus ESCORZO [una transmisión]

de Bea Fernández. La Caldera, Barcelona

24/25 November 2018

transmissions Escorzo 2017∏Joan Manrique Navarro-23




A.U.R.A. (Ahora Usted Recibirá Algo) 

a.u.r.a. 18

Festival ContraDança. Covilha. Portugal. 26th May 2017.






 By Mariona Naudin with Maria García Vera, Laia Cabrera Marina Colomina. 

Antic Teatre. 6th to 9th of April 2017.

FID (Finestra d’Internacionalització de la Dansa) April 2017.

Premiere at Salmon Festival in Mercat de les Flors, 26th of November 2016, Barcelona.

Escena de Poblenou Festival. 22nd and 23rd of October 2016, Barcelona. With Mar Medina.




 Teatr Studio, Warsaw. 31st of August, 2016.


A.U.R.A. (Ahora Usted Recibirá Algo)

a.u.r.a. 22

A.U.R.A. (Ahora Usted Recibirá Algo)

At Antic Teatre, Barcelona.4th, 5th, 6th, 7th of August 2016,


Re adjustment s


At La Poderosa, Barcelona.

With: Mar Medina, Mónica Muntaner and Marina Colomina.

Re adjustment s  14th of May in Teatro Pradillo of Madrid.

With: Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Mar Medina and Marina Colomina.



A.U.R.A. (Ahora Usted Recibirá Algo) / Abast Elàstic

in PAD International Performance Festival of Mainz. 29th and 30th of April. 2016.

in Antic Teatre. From 3rd til 6th of March, 2016.

Buy your ticket here.

a.u.r.a. 16


in MACBA ES VIU at  Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona. The 19th of March, 2016.


A.U.R.A. (Ahora Usted Recibirá Algo)

in La Pedrera, Barcelona. 29th of OCtober 2015.

in Antic Teatre, 5 and 6 of December 2015.

PREMIERE of A.U.R.A. at Fira Tàrrega 11th, 12th and 13th of September, 2015.

Abast Elastic 20150827_012229

New production of A.U.R.A in collaboration with Carles Casallachs.

SURPLUS at Antic Teatre. 1rst of February 2015 20H.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 5.42.44 PM

SURPLUS, (collaboration with Magdalena Ptasznik)
polish premiere at Theater Institute. 23rd of January 2015 19 h


29 January 2015, Centrum Kultury, Lublin 19H

SURPLUS (collaboration with Magdalena Ptasznik) in residency at workspacebrussels. January 2015.

Participating in a video installation of Min Oh at: Young Korean Artists 2014, National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art Korea, Gwacheon, KR
Marina c Min Oh 2014

Exquisite Corpses
choreography by Marina Colomina

Performed by Jeroen Bakker, Marina Colomina, Eva Honings, Amy Pender, Youri Peters

Performing at Santa Mónica Art Center, IN SITU Festival in APPRAISERS by Quim Bigas. 18th of December 2014. With Raquel Tomàs, Oihana Altube and Marina Colomina.

Residency at AZALA Espacio. 13/26 October 2014 with Magdalena Ptasznik.

SURPLUS presentation at Center in Motion, Warsaw. 12th Ocotber 2014.

Residency at Adriantinc Barcelona in September 2014, creating SURPLUS with Magdalena Ptasznik.

Premiere of SURPLUS in Barcelona, 8th and 9th of October 2014 in Antic Teatre.


partitions at Centre Civic Les Corts. 23rd of May at 21h.


Particions. 7th of June at Tragantdansa. 21h.


July 16th – August 20th VIENNA


7th April r e a d j u s t m e n t s Movement Research at the MEMORIAL JUDSON CHURCH New York City.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


RESIDENCY at CENTRUMwRUCHU, space for dance and performance in Warsaw. November 2013.



body eye

at Lublin / XVII International Dance Theatres Festival
by Marta Ziolek with Marina Colomina, Maria Alejandra Peralta, Eva Susova and Lisa Vereertbrugghen. 11th November, 2013.


r eadjustment s

at the Volkspaleis, The Hague. 19th of September at 20h.



re adjustment s at Ufferstudios,
Berlin, 4th of July of 2013- 20h.



re adjustment s

at Frascati Theater, Amsterdam. 11th and 12th of June of 2013.




Body Eye

by Marta Ziolek with Marina Colomina, Maria Alejandra Peralta, Eva Susova and Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Komuna Warsawa. 3rd of June of 2013, Warsaw.


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