A project/track/tool by Quim Bigas
Dramaturgy by: Raquel Tomàs
In collaboration with: Marina Colomina, Ohiana Altube, Laida Azkona, Natalia Jiménez, Masu Fajardo,Elisa Arteta, Costas Kekis, Asher O’Gorman amongst others.

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Appraisers provides a feedback between space and body.

The project facilitates a change in perception of “the obvious” by observing the data within the current physical context.

Appraise the space “here” from a functional approach which facilitates a transparent position of the body as a channel. This attention, generates a continuous zoom on objects that make them visible and facilitates them a certain value inside a unique and non-hyerarchiclal universe(s).

Appraisers aims to reflect on the choices of information within a context over informed. Therefore, navigates through the idea of the body as a file and a reflection of the consumption and the process of labelling.


Open showing at El Graner. Center for Creation, Barcelona. June 2014.

Mostra Insitu. Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona. December 2014.