Borders-sin título

A collaboration with Liz Peterson.

Borders (sin título) is a new performance in development about seeing, transformation, and the boundaries that govern our bodies, identities, and histories.

Aristophanes’ classical comedy Clouds features a chorus of shape-shifting Goddesses that govern the events of the play. In a perpetual state of receptive transformation the cloud chorus embody what they see. As the Goddesses of rhetoric and thoughts-made-manifest the clouds give form to hidden truths and transgress ethical boundaries with clever arguments.

In Borders (sin título) Marina Colomina and Liz Peterson adapt Aristophanes’ troubled indictment of sophistry to put the clouds at the center of the action and to ask, how do we envision ourselves beyond the structures that we’re in and give form to what we see?

Produced by Public Recordings and Events In Real Time. Created with the support of L’Estruch Fabrica de Creacio de les Arts en Viu and La Poderosa.

Sin título-1