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Choreography: Marina Colomina

Performance: Esther Arribas, Stephen West and Marina Colomina

At Dance Theater of the Theater School. Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, November 2011.


The precarious construction of the subject, and the fragility of intersubjectivities. From an alteration between disappearance and resurgence.


Plexus is a performance about being together and a part,  in a formal disintegration of norms regulating behaviour, thought, and social relationships through a twisted, fragmented and caleidoscopic bodies. Splitting from our body into pieces, splitting our relationship with the other (s), splitting from the frame we are in.

The performance is a singular event, which unfolds, in completely different articulations.

A specific landscape (understood as layered constellation) where to become rather than to be; in to edge of not knowing, entailing the concept of difference, it is a real system of differential relations that creates actual spaces, times, and sensations.

Therefore rather than the attempt of making sense it is the aim to raise a problem of lack of contiguity or the impossibility of a definition what matters. The experience of perception full fills the gap between this ”irrational breaks” in an active mobile thinking that construct a new affect, born from the complexity of the assemblage created by overlapping different physicalities that create a very controled chaos. There is different layers interfering simultaneously. There is trhee moving bodies in complet isolation sharing the space. Other times they relate to each other by being in different scenarios. The present time melts in the memory of another time; the experience of another temporality in the constant insistance of a new beggining shifts how we experience every here and now. A confrontation of spaces and temporalities arisen in the transverse diagonal of a layered constellation of our relation. The physicality aims to modify the dimensions of: how do we experience the real. As an encounter with the conflict of the tension between the extrem oppossites of the being.


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