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(Pictures by: Alessia Bombaci)

A.U.R.A is a choreographic event that needs the audience in order to exist. Under the pretext of reading auras and offering pseudo-therapy, the masters of ceremony make the audience the object of their attention. A performance that puts forward an installation based on interaction between the various media used on stage (dance, text, visuals and music) and with the audience, who will be the backbone of the scenes that unfold. A playful, fun and participatory ritual that ranges from faith to criticism. from adult cynicism to the most childish fascination.

.A.U.R.A. is the first piece of Abast Elàstic, company created in 2015 by Carles Casallachs and Marina Colomina. Abast Elàstic arises from their shared need to increase the dialog amongst their work and the public. To uncover mechanisms for approaching a wider spectrum of viewers without compromising their necessity to experiment and dive in unexplored territories to expand dance as a vehicle of communication.

Creation: Abast Elàstic. /Carles Casallachs and Marina Colomina/.
Performers: Abast Elàstic. /Carles Casallachs and Marina Colomina/.
Dramaturgy: Macarena Recuerda.
Set and Costume design: Abast Elàstic.
Video design: Carme Gomila & Abast Elàstic.
Sound design: Carles Tardio & Abast Elàstic.
Production & Management: Mònica Pérez (Antic Teatre)
Laboratory of Creation Fira Tarrega 2015.
Antic Teatre and Fira Tarrega production.
With the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya, El Graner and Tragantdansa.

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Versió català Outdoor* →

English version Indoor* →

* Ask for the password to: abastelastic@gmail.com