-solo by Marina Colomina

dreadful sweetness                    thunderous silence

terrifying pleasures                                                              slight exaggeration

tense calm                            cold fire                         dark light

tidy chaos                          blind sight                                                                        living deads                             burning snow                           serious humor

fortuitous order

sweet bitterness                called out secret                                         immensely little

jumping down                                  slowly hurried up

virginal birth                                  eternal instant                         graceful clumsiness

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The inner logic of contradictio in terminis or oximoron literally is the absurd therefore demands a metaphoric research from the reader; two concepts that seemed to deny each other are been armonizated by creating a third concept. Oximoron, the title of my piece is a rethoric figure that serves as internal drive of the journey that I share with the audience.

———————————————– by Marina Colomina
———————————————– at TheaterSchool, Amsterdam 2011.

“Sometimes, on awakening we recall a dream. In this way rare shafts of insight illuminate the ruins of our energies that time has passed by”. (“The Arcades Project”, Walter Benjamin.)

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