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2014          Recipient of DanceWeb Scholarship.

2009-13   Bachelor in Dance in Shool for New Dance Development. Amsterdam.

2008         Master in Technical Drawing and Geometry in Barcelona’s University.

2008         Pedagogic Competence Certificate in Barcelona’s University.

2003-07   Graduated in Fine Arts in Barcelona’s University.

1997-03   Professional Title of Dance, in Contemporary Tecniques of Dance in the

Conservatorium of Alicante.


Choreographic work:



Re adjustment s     

La Poderosa. 18th June, Barcelona. Pradillo Theater. 14th May, Madrid.


Theater Studio. 31st July, Warsaw. Macba (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona). Experience MACBA. 19th March, Barcelona.

A.U.R.A. (Ahora Usted Recibirá Algo)

Antic Teatre, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th March, Barcelona. PAD Internacional Performance Festival, 29th and 30th April Mainz, Germany.



A.U.R.A. (Ahora Usted Recibirá Algo)

Fira Tàrrega, 11th, 12th and 13th of September, Tarrega. Dansa Ara, La Pedrera, 29th of October, Barcelona. Antic Teatre, 5th and 6th of December, Barcelona.

Mostra  Insitu in Arts Santa Monica, 19th of December, Barcelona. Theater Institute, the 23rd of January,Warsaw. Center of Culture of Lublin, on the 29th of January Lublin. Antic Teatre, Barcelona,  1rst of February, Barcelona.




Antic Teatre, 8th and 9th of October,Barcelona,.

Re adjustment s

Movement Research in Memorial Judson Church, 7th April, Barcelona.
AUNTS,  5th of April, New York.



Re adjustment s

Frascati Theater, 21st, 22nd and 23rhd of March and and 11th and 12th of June, Amsterdam. Ufferstudios, 4th of July 2013, Berlin. West Gallery/Volkspaleis, 19th of September, The Hague.




Dancetheater in Theaterschool of Amsterdam.

Exquisite corpses

Selected for Competition “Young Makers Present”, ITS Festival in Frascati

Theater. And in Hetveem Theater, Amsterdam.




Theater School of  Amsterdam. ITS Festival, in Frascati Theater Amsterdam.



Rocio y Nino

Theater School of Amsterdam. Luna Crea Festival in Vitoria. Choreographic Competition of Madrid. It was awarded with a residency in the  Choreographic Center of La Gomera, Canaric  Islands. Act Festival in Bilbao.


With the visual artist Min Oh. At Young Korean Artists 2014, National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art Korea, Gwacheon, KR. Marina c Min Oh 2014. Video portrait of Marina Colomina through her work and performance: Exquisite Corpses 


Performance work:


KOPFKINO. De Mariona Naudin. Escena Poblenou. Sâlmon>Fest, Mercat de les Flors.


APPRAISERS. Choreography of Quim Bigas. Residency at Graner. IN SITU Festival, Santa Monica Art Center. Barcelona.


Body Eye. By Marta Ziolek with Marina Colomina, Maria Peralta and Eva Susova. Frascati Theater.

what we are saying. By PUBLIC RECORDINGS. TPW Gallery Toronto.


36 Snakecharmers. By Benoit Lachambre with SNDO students. Brakke Grond Theater.


Secrets solo created by Magdalena Ptasznik. Melweg Theater.

37 Sherries by  Ann Liv Young. Breakin’ Walls Festival, Theater Frascati, Amsterdam.


Breaking the Chord by Deborah Hay. Muiderkerk, Amsterdam.

Spring Dance Festival. Sint Nicolaaskerk, Utrecht.



Miguel Gutierrez, Ko Murobushi, Trajell Harral, Emmanuelle Huyn, Jonathan Burroughs, Mattheo Fargion, Mathilde Monnier, Quim Pujol, Lisa Hinterreithner, DD Dorviller, Jeremy Nelson, Maria La Ribot, Robert Steijn, Susan Rethorst, Kirstie Simson, Benoit Lachambre, Germaine Acogny, David Zambrano, Igor Dobricic, Bojana Cvejic , Jeanine Durning, Keren Levi, Bruno Listopad, Katerina Bakatsaki, Archie, Marten Spansberg, Martin Nachbar, Laxmi, Ria Higler, Gonnie Heggen, Sol Picó, Cesc Gelabert, Lipi Hernandez, Ángels Margarit, Bebeto Cidra, Josué Cienfuegos, amongst others.



With A.U.R.A.:

El Graner.  Centre de creació. July 2015.

Antic Teatre. Espai de Creació-Adriantic. April/September 2015.

Tragantdansa. Barcelona. March/April 2015.


workspacebrussels. January 2015.

AZALA Espacio. November 2014.

Antic Teatre. Espai de creació/Adriantic. September 2014.

Centrum w Ruchuu. Warsaw.  November 2013.

EspaiTragant Dansa. Residency TragantProcessos, April-May 2014.

L’Estruch. Fabrik of Creation for Alive Arts. November-December 2012.
Choreographic Center La Gomera. July 2011.


Choreographic assistance:

Eis Zwo. By Lisa Vereertbrugghen. 2013.

What we are saying with Public Recordings in Toronto, Canada. Company lead by Ame Henderson. September-October 2013.



2008 Visual Arts at I.E.S. Ernest Lluch. Barcelona.

2014   Dance workshop “Observing andand transforming the present.” March, Barcelona.

2015    Dance workshop “The articulated presence“. April, Tragantdansa,  Barcelona.

2016   Contemporary dance technique at Escola de Ballet Silvia Pallisera. Badalona.







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